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CMA Price List

Information we are required to display by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)

All funeral directors in the UK are legally required by the CMA to show information about their prices, terms of business, who owns the company and information on the fees charged by local crematoria.

We very much agree with the CMA's standardised price list, as it is an excellent way to compare prices between different funeral directors, and we strongly encourage you to do so.

The format of the CMA document is standard across all funeral directors, but differs in layout to our easily understood pricing shown on our website. We have always been open and transparent about fees and costs and will also refer you to our more comprehensive price list. Feel free to make use of either the CMA's Standardised Price List or the information on Our Prices page whichever you feel is more helpful. If any of this is confusing, please do contact us – we are here to help.

The CMA price list is a legal requirement. Sadly, you will find that many funeral directors will hide this away on their websites. Please be assured that ours will always be easily accessible online, just one click away from our homepage, as a downloadable PDF. It will always be displayed both outside and inside our funeral home and is available as a printed sheet for you to take away.