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Wed, 13 Oct 2021

Apologies for the lack of posts this week, but Tracey and I have been a little busy getting married 🤩 and Chris was the best man.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and been so incredibly kind. Especially Adrianne and Peter who looked after L-B&H so wonderfully whilst we had a little time off.

Sat, 09 Oct 2021

Thank you to everyone who attended Colwyn Bay Crematorium’s Forget you not service today. Everyone who attended was gifted these lovely packets of “Forget Me Not” seeds. Such a lovely idea. Diolch o galon i Maria, Quentin a Trystan.

Tue, 05 Oct 2021

Another beautiful delivery from Ashesintoglass today. The quality of their memorial items is always astounding. We have a display of their work at our funeral home in Llandudno. Please come by and take a look.

Mon, 27 Sep 2021

What a busy day! We are absolutely spoiled at L-B&H.

The lovely family from our first funeral made us all a packed lunch with handwritten notes in each.

We had caterpillar birthday cake from our lovely Lynn, cheese cake from Andrea, and I came in to birthday cards from Angela and Helen.

Chris and I are also incredibly grateful to everyone who assisted us on our two funerals today. Huge thanks to Rev. Juliet, to Jen, to Cheryl, Adrianne, Becky, Peter, Mark, Aled, Andy and Andy B. Thank you all so much.

Fri, 24 Sep 2021

We are incredibly grateful to everyone at Colwyn Bay Crematorium for arranging this memorial service and thank you to all the funeral directors who have sponsored the event. We all know someone who passed away during the pandemic, and the incredibly difficult circumstances for everyone involved.

This is a chance to remember them.

Please contact the crematorium office for tickets.