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Coffins & Caskets

Choosing an appropriate coffin is an important part of the funeral arrangements. We are proud to offer a range of unique coffins and caskets of the highest quality. Sourced from sustainable producers from around the world, our Forest Stewardship Council certified traditional coffins are constructed from only the finest hand picked veneers and timbers. No two coffins are ever the same. Your choice of coffin is hand made to order, with an emphasis placed on craftsmanship and quality throughout. Our commitment to fair funeral pricing ensures we will provide these exceptional coffins to you at an accessible price.

Find our selection of remarkable coffins and their prices in the following PDFs.

We also offer an extensive selection of cardboard coffins; and colourful, printed and wrapped coffins. Available in a wide range of designs or fully personalised to your own specification. You can see examples at Colourful Coffins, please contact us to discuss your requirements.